Embracing your birth journey with confidence

by being well prepared and staying true to yourself

Let me introduce myself briefly

I am Samantha, since 2019 mother of a beautiful girl.
After having been able to carry our baby and experience my birth journey, I noticed a big change in myself. I fell in love with this beautiful and holistic cycle we woman go through. I felt strongly that I wanted to work with pregnant women and decided to do a study. 
My experience in childbirth and the knowledge I have garnered from my education and related studies, mean that I can guide you, as a pregnant woman, with skills and love in this transformative phase towards birth.

I hope to welcome you and your beautiful belly soon in one of my classes or private course.

Lots of love!

Samantha and Makeda
Samantha and Makeda

A relaxed pregnancy and delivery

At Guiding Gaia you follow classes to prepare for childbirth. The focus is on experiencing a joyful, relaxed pregnancy and delivery.
The lessons or private course is a very special, beautiful once in a lifetime gift to bestow to yourself during this amazing journey towards motherhood. Being pregnant, giving birth is an intense and truly wonderful experience. So much happens in your body while carrying and giving birth to your baby. Learning about all that is taking place in your body during pregnancy and being well prepared for the actual birth is so important in order to be build confidence in yourself and your body.

During the classes or course you will receive tools to go into your birth well prepared and full of confidence.
I will guide you towards going within and how you can stay close to yourself during the birth process.
How to stay in the present moment, turn inward and bring out your natural primal power. I want to show you that you always stand in your power and can give birth from that power, where you make your own choices, in order to make that journey towards a free, relaxed and confident birth.
I guide you through my sincere enthusiasm and love that I have for the cycle of birthing.
I will use dru-yoga exercises, supportive breathing techniques and relevant theory.
Elements of mindfulness and hypnobirthing, guided meditations, visualizations and relaxation exercises will also be covered during my classes or course.

Trial classes

First things first, congratulations with your pregnancy! I also heartily congratulate your partner. I don’t see you right now but I know you are radiant with joy and beauty. How nice that you want to take a trial lesson. You can register for a trial lesson as of 14 weeks of pregnancy, please fill in the form below.

I look forward to welcoming you to a trial class. If you have any questions about the classes, you can contact me via the registration form, and I will try to contact as soon as possible.

Group Classes


The main focus in the lessons or course, is to manifest full relaxation and confidence during your pregnancy and for your birth journey.
You will learn supportive breathing techniques to go into a deep relaxation so that you can stimulate the dilation process, which increases the chances that you can give birth faster and easier.
You will not only learn how to deal with fear, tension and pain, but also answers to important questions, such as:
How does surrendering, letting go play an important role in the birth process?
How do you take distance from the ego-mind and stay connected with your body during birth?
What can you do to stimulate the birth hormones?
How do you deal with situations where you want something different then your healthcare provider?
What do you do when your contractions stagnate?
How do you create space to trust what is happening in the moment?
The collaboration that you enter into with your body and your child is a wonderful, holistic event, a historic moment to look forward to.

Group Classes to prepare yourself for birth

You can register as of 14 weeks of pregnancy. To master the breathing techniques, I recommend taking 14 to 16 classes. Practice makes perfect, for better results.  You can participate up to two weeks before the due date. The minimum number of classes to take is 9, so that I can give you the full preparation that I want to give you. You pay per class and a class costs € 15.75.

What I would like to share with you in my classes

  • How to be relaxed and confident during your pregnancy and delivery.
  • Physiological knowledge about your pregnant body, so that you go into labor with more confidence.
  • Breathing techniques for a deeper relaxation which in turn promotes dilation.
    How to deal with negative thoughts.
  • What are the different types of contractions and how to go through them.
  • The special functioning of the placenta and umbilical cord.
  • The different phases of the birth process.
  • How to deal with fear, tension and pain.
  • How to push and get acquainted with various birthing positions.
  • How to let go and surrender to what is happening in the now moment.
  • Which hormones play a role in childbirth and which promote or hinder the natural birth process.
  • Tips and pelvic exercises to reduce or prevent possible chronic pelvic complaints.
  • What you can do when you are past the ‘due date’ and want to naturally stimulate the start of your birth.
  • Many tips and facts that are good to know before giving birth.

We start the lesson with a warm cup of tea so that there is room to ground. Then we start with a series of dru-yoga exercises to get you moving. This is followed by theory on the theme of the class, we practice the special breathing techniques together with other varying exercises and we conclude with a moment of relaxation. I have a yoga mat and a blanket for you. If you would like to know more about the classes, please contact me. I will answer your questions with all my love.

For a possible reimbursement of the costs, I advise you to contact your health insurance company.

Classes are given on the following days and time:


14.45 – 16.15 uur

The classes are given at the beautiful location of Kindergarden, Voormalige Stadstimmertuin 1, 1018 ET Amsterdam.

Fill out the form below to register for the classes.

Private course

For whom: for you alone or with birth partner
Duration: 3 days of 2.5 hours
Location: your own environment, at home
Time: mutually agreed
Price: 399.00 euros incl. VAT and administration costs

If you prefer to receive one-on-one guidance instead of in a group, then the private course might be something for you. A beautiful and complete course to give you/and your partner everything that you need so that you can start your birth journey relaxed, confident and well prepared.
Initially, we speak to each other over the phone. If it feels right to you and you would like to do the private course, we will make an appointment for an introduction meeting. After meeting, I can tailor the course to your wishes and needs. Once agreed, we start with the course and I come to your home once a week for three weeks.

Samantha in haar zwangerschap

What can you expect from a private course from Guiding Gaia?

  • Body exercises
  • Valuable and important information about pregnancy; how to deal with your breathing and mind, the uterus, the pelvic floor muscles, the placenta, the umbilical cord and how to possibly prevent chronic pelvic complaints and more.
  • Special breathing techniques for daily use as well as during stress moments and during childbirth to stimulate the dilation process.
  • Partner exercises for during pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Tips for partner during pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Tips on how to use your pelvic muscles to prevent chronic pelvic instability.
  • A guided relaxation exercise, a guided visualization and a guided meditation.
  • Valuable and important information about childbirth; different types of contractions, the different phases of labor, how to deal with pain, how to surrender and let go, to learn about different ways to push, which hormones stimulate or hinder labor, 40 weeks and beyond and more.
  • Tips for creating a nice and warm birth enviorement.
  • Postures to go through the contractions.
  • Postures and different ways to push.
  • Information about possible labor induction.
  • Information about natural and medical pain relief.
  • Help with creating a birth plan.
  • Digital handouts with the main information of the course + tips for the maternity week and birth affirmations.
  • You can contact me up to 2 months after your baby is born for any questions.

Do you wish to start your birth journey relaxed, confident and well prepared? Contact me using the form below.

I advise you to contact your health insurance company for a possible reimbursement of the costs.


”I got pregnant in March 2020 and really wanted to take a pregnancy course. Soon thereafter I  found something but was not satisfied with it at all, so decided to stop. However, I had been given some hypnobirthing techniques and two months before my due date I met Samantha. We had known each other for a long time and lived near each other, but we hadn’t seen each other for a long time. I told her that I was quite anxious about the delivery, especially the pain. She gave me some advice on how to breathe, she quickly noticed that you can’t explain this on the street and so we agreed to meet in a private place and she taught me special breathing techniques and birthing positions, to make the delivery smoother and easier.
This support was great and I was really able to use it. It felt really good to have someone next to me who had more knowledge than myself, that created a feeling of safety and security. She listened to my feelings and wishes, I felt very supported by her. Thank you Samantha, for your time, knowledge and your pure energy.”

Valeria, private course
gave birth to her son Jamie in December 2020​


“This pregnancy course served me well! In 3 words it has relaxed, empowered and enriched me.

Samantha knows how to create an atmosphere of total relaxation, combined with movements that release tension both physically and mentally. A moment of rest in the hectic of everyday life.

by the encouraging and substantiated words that giving birth is in our ???nature and you can just do it.
I gained more confidence in the power of my own body.

the course has enriched me with information about how to stimulate a natural birth, pleasant birth positions and the control you have as a woman during the entire process. Whether it concerns a home birth or a hospital birth; I felt better prepared and knew that I myself had something to say.
I now have a beautiful son and I look back very fondly on the birth. Thank you Samantha!”

Hanneke, private course
gave birth to her son Otto in July 2021


”Around 20 weeks of pregnancy, I and my partner participated in the private course ‘Relaxed and giving birth with confidence’. They were 3 incredibly instructive days. Since this is our first child, everything is new to us and we knew almost nothing. Samantha has inspired us in a very nice way and prepared us for everything that can come your way. Based on our wishes, she gave us tips and advice with which we can prepare during the pregnancy and towards the delivery. We have learned to breathe in a way that we like before and during contractions and with partner exercises we have been given techniques to cope with them. We also opted for the dru-yoga exercises, which we did at every start of the course, a great way to start the day. At the end of each course day, Samantha closed off with a wonderful guided relaxation exercise. We are very happy that we did this course. It has really reassured us in having confidence in your own body and strength and being prepared to live up to the moment of delivery.”

Serena & Daniel, private course
January 2022